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How long does it take B2B SaaS buyers to make a decision?

How long does the search take? Once the search is underway, it takes an average of over two months to make a decision on a new piece of software. (NOTE: This data point refers to how long the search takes. This is different than Section 1 which looks at how long it takes to start […]


What’s going on behind the scenes of a significant SaaS purchase?

What else goes on behind the scenes? Word of mouth is key, but whose opinions matter most? Co-workers and peers. Consider building a piece of content that can help guide the internal conversations. This can be a checklist or a written process for handling the needs of each stakeholder. Often the users and buyers are […]


What Do B2B Software Buyers Want From Product Demos?

Once you are on the short list Scheduling a product demo is the most popular next step. Starting a free trail is the least popular. Other surveys have shown that the most profitable buyers want to get into the weeds and speak to someone who can answer technical questions about implementation etc. Action Items: 1) […]