In a fast-moving sector like work tech, blogs, websites and other online publications play a crucial role in the flow of information. Reading them is essential to stay on top of the latest trends.

Whether you want to broaden your knowledge, are looking for inspiration on how to grow your own work tech blog or want to pitch a guest post to promote your company, here are 15 of the best publications in the work tech space.

The Employer Handbook

The Employer Handbook is a blog run by employment lawyer Eric Meyer, a partner at FisherBroyles. Meyer covers a broad range of HR topics from a legal perspective. Recent articles include whether to administer COVID tests at work, what to do when an employee sues for unpaid overtime and how to accommodate the disabilities of seasonal employees. If you couldn’t tell already, Meyer gets into the weeds, making the handbook a perfect resource when you have a specific legal HR question.


Bonusly is an employee engagement and recognition platform that helps people feel more engaged and successful at work. You’ll find tips and strategies to achieve those goals on the company’s blog. It covers everything from remote work and employee motivation to company culture and retention.


Built in 1998 as an online community for recruiters, ERE has grown into an industry leader. Every day thousands of HR professionals visit the site for the latest in human resources, talent acquisition and recruitment. Topics include talent sourcing, marketing and the labor market. The site is edited by Vadim Liberman.

On top of daily articles, the site hosts regular webinars and has a job board. The company also runs a twice-annual ERE Recruiting Conference if you want to take your learning away from the screen.


Fond’s recognition and rewards platform helps HR leaders provide meaningful rewards for their employees. Fond’s blog provides relevant content to HR leaders themselves. Topics center around rewards, recognition and employee engagement, but some articles cover the wider HR industry. Fond also runs an interview series with HR leaders at some of the country’s biggest companies.

If you’re looking to share your own advice, the Fond blog is actively looking for guest contributors.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is perhaps the best-known general management magazine on the internet. If you want thoughts, opinions and strategies from some of the brightest minds in the industry, this is the publication to read. From DEI efforts to employee engagement and general management advice, HBR offers it all. There’s also a physical magazine if you’d prefer to read it away from your computer and a series of podcasts so you can get insights on the move.

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HR Bartender

HR Bartender is the brainchild of Sharlyn Lauby, an HR pro turned consultant. The site doesn’t just cover HR-based topics: Lauby writes on matters that cover the workplace as a whole, like how to be a better leader, employee engagement and DEI. You don’t have to wait long for a new article, either. Lauby and her team release new content three to four times per week. If that wasn’t enough for you, Lauby also hosts the HR Bartender podcast.

LinkedIn Talent Blog

It’s no surprise the social media platform of choice for professionals makes the list for top work tech publications. But it’s in that list on merit. LinkedIn’s Talent Blog is bursting with the industry’s latest strategies, tips and trends. In addition to light-hearted content like quizzes, the platform blog offers more insightful content from LinkedIn’s own writers and HR professionals using the platform.


Namely, an HR platform for mid-sized businesses runs a regularly updated blog that offers a wealth of resources to anyone in the HR space. Topics include payroll, compliance and benefits. The blog is full of how-to guides and thought leadership pieces that look at topics from a different angle. A recent article on why businesses should adopt a minimum PTO policy is a must-read.

The Savage Truth

Greg Savage is the founder of several leading recruitment companies, including Firebrand Talent Search and People2People. He’s also a trusted recruitment advisor and regular keynote speaker. The Savage Truth is his personal blog and also the name of his book. On the blog, you’ll find hard-hitting, insightful content on every aspect of recruitment, from artificial intelligence to talent management.


SHRM is the Society for Human Resource Management. It has become one of the industry’s thought leaders in all things workplace-related and boasts over 300,000 members in 165 countries. The site has several resources, including a blog where industry experts share their thoughts, and HR Today, a news website where you can stay up to date on the latest in HR. You’ll also find checklists, how-to guides and other tools for HR professionals.

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SnackNation provides a healthy office snack delivery service to workplaces across the country. While the service side of business is feeding the bodies of HR professionals, the company’s blog is feeding their minds. There, you’ll find a buffet of posts about how to improve company culture, increase employee engagement and improve the office environment. Dig in.


TalentCulture is part online community, part HR marketing company. The company partners with HR teams to deliver content, advice and program solutions to help them meet business objectives. But it also produces a huge quantity of resources to help community members better understand the HR landscape. That includes #WorkTrends podcast as well as articles, ebooks, polls and surveys.

If you want to offer your thought leadership on the industry, TalentCulture welcomes guest contributions.

The Tim Sackett Project

Tim Sackett is a 20-year HR and talent veteran and president of contract staffing firm HRU Technical Resources. He describes The Tim Sackett Project as his way of getting “some of this worthless stuff rattling around in my head, out.”

Unlike other blogs from HR leaders, Sackett keeps his project regularly updated with his thoughts and opinions. It’s not uncommon for him to post detailed articles on consecutive days.


TINYPulse is an employee engagement platform that gives HR professionals the tools, data and insights they need to build happier and healthier workplaces. The company’s blog acts as a resource center for HR leaders, offering insights and perspectives to help them drive change.

Recent topics include the recruitment challenges businesses face this year, how trauma impacts employees and the workplace, and how the Zoom ceiling is the new glass ceiling.


Workology is a community and resource website for leaders in HR, recruiting and business. Don’t think you’ll find stale and stuffy HR content on this site, however. Workology offers resources to industry leaders looking to disrupt the norm and transform their organizations.

The site is founded and run by XceptionalHR Consulting, a company that develops resources, training and content for HR and recruiting leaders. Both the site and the consultancy are led by Jessica Miller-Merrell, author of “Digitizing Talent.”

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