Meet the Team

Casey Meehan
CEO and Founder
Founded Epic Presence in 2013

In January of 2014, I launched Epic Presence, a content marketing agency focused on SaaS and HR technology.

Since then, my team and I have published more than 2,500 longform articles for SaaS and HR technology companies all over the world. We have engaged with more than 20,000 influencers to promote this content.

Amanda Dodge
Writer :: Joined 2016

Amanda’s writing has focused heavily on edtech and education in general, healthcare technologies, and worktech.

She brings a tremendous empathy to whatever she’s working on, taking care to understand the challenges of the people she’s writing for and to humanize the technology. Amanda has an amazing ability to see right through to the heart of a story, and the energy to dig deep into the research.

Projects she’s worked on have included longform and shortform content writing, leading surveys and analyzing respondent data, and tackling SEO efforts for a variety of clients.

Bonnie McDonald
Writer :: Joined 2017

Bonnie’s work has spanned a variety of industries, including worktech, clinical research, project management and labor issues.

Bonnie’s discipline fuels her writing. She is exhaustive in her research methods but never misses a deadline. Additionally, she brings an open-minded curiosity to any subject she writes about, but never loses sight of her own point of view on an issue.

Her work has included survey preparation, data analysis and reporting; interviews with subject-matter experts; highly technical whitepapers; longform and shortform content writing; and SEO efforts for several clients.

Dani Ryskamp
Writer :: Joined 2017

Dani specializes in some of our most technical clients’ verticals, including clinical trials, rare disease therapeutics, insurance, and worktech.

Dani brings years of academic experience (she earned her J.D. in 2007) to her writing, which allows her to get scholarly on behalf of a client when needed. She has an exceptional ability to digest esoteric information and make it conversational. Dani’s creativity and academic mind make for great writing and also great ideation sessions.

Dani has worked on technical whitepapers; ghostwritten pieces for execs at billion-dollar companies; longform and shortform content writing; and SEO projects.

Ed Currington
Writer :: Joined 2018

Ed’s writing has focused on ecommerce, software development, SaaS, B2B technologies, online learning, B2C software and worktech.

He brings a strong sense of voice and perspective to each piece he writes. This allows him to be clear in his research and in his concepting, and punchy in his copy. Ed has also taken on the most content-design heavy projects we’ve worked on, distilling tens of thousands of words into navigable, useful pieces of content.

Ed’s work includes ebooks; whitepapers; reports; landing pages; client discovery; longform and shortform content writing; and SEO projects for a range of SMB and enterprise clients.

Eric Barrier
Head Writer / Editor :: Joined 2014

Eric has written for or edited content for every campaign Epic Presence has launched since 2014. That includes working in verticals such as worktech, CRM, human resources, project management, construction and green energy, and edtech.

Eric has been instrumental in hiring and assembling the writing team, developing the Epic Presence house style, developing content strategies, then executing on those strategies by briefing work and editing drafts.

His striking ability to do both wide-angle and close-up thinking bring unique insights to our campaigns. His inquisitiveness, thoughtfulness and meticulousness nurture our team and he has inspired and facilitated their growth as writers.

The projects he has worked on have included whitepapers; content strategies and presentations; ebooks; audience surveys; reports; landing pages; and the documentation of internal workflows and conventions.

Joshua Dumas
Head of Content :: Joined 2013

Joshua is the central hub of Epic Presence. He has developed strategies for and edited content across all of the verticals we work in, including edtech, arts, higher education and worktech.

Through his creativity, organization and project management skills, Joshua built most of the processes and workflows the Epic Presence team relies on. What’s more, he brings a curiosity and empathy to the team that allows him to liaise with clients and lead discovery sessions.

He invests energy and care to ensure the content team has the resources necessary to do great work. His creative direction, empathy, moral leadership and managerial skills are what drive our output.

Joshua’s projects and initiatives have included leading client discovery, managing client accounts, leading content strategies, developing the infrastructure that supports our editorial flows, analyzing data, defining SEO strategies, and being a steward of the business.

Mince Tuting
Research analyst & assistant :: Joined 2013

Mince has provided research, analysis and support for nearly every single Epic Presence project. She is a master at keyword research, SEO performance reporting and influencer outreach. Mince also supports our ongoing web development needs.

Mince’s efficiency, precision and command of all of the tools in the Google Suite have made her an indispensable part of the campaigns we run and the projects we take on.

Pam Sy
Developer :: Joined 2015

Pam is exactly the kind of web developer every agency needs. No matter how thin the brief, Pam takes ownership of a web dev project and reliably delivers fantastic work.

On a day-to-day basis, Pam handles design and coding as needed across all of our campaigns, our clients’ sites and their CRMs. Pam’s efficiency, speed and communication skills make these operations appear seamless, even when we are working across multiple time zones.

Stephanie Olsen
Editor :: Joined 2014

Steph has been an editor on every campaign since 2014. She has thousands of hours of experience in editing for edtech, worktech, HR and business, higher education, medtech, insurance, CRM, ecommerce and B2C software verticals.

Steph brings a disciplined rigor to editing. She never misses a style error, a tense continuity issue, or an errant citation — and she does this quickly and with grace. Steph has also been instrumental in defining Epic Presence’s internal style conventions, clients’ tone of voice and the ethical standards that inform editorial decisions.

She has edited longform copy, shortform copy, whitepapers, reports, landing pages, ebooks, audience survey reports and social media copy. She’s also helped lead the documentation of internal workflows and conventions.