What CRM Buyers Need To Switch Providers (CRM Study: Part 2)

SMBs Switch CRMs for Better Features

The next section will touch on this further, but features are important for CRM buyers. According to our data, 44.4 percent of companies that did switch CRMs at some point did so because the old CRM lacked the features they needed.

Features translate to business objectives. If a company wants to make a major email-marketing push, for example, there is a good chance they will want their CRM to facilitate that. If their current CRM cannot, they may start shopping.

Other reasons SMBs switch CRMs:

  • They found a more cost-effective option (24.4 percent).
  • They weren’t getting the customer support they needed (8.9 percent).
  • A new hire brought over a CRM they were familiar with from a previous role (8.9 percent).

What Keeps SMBs From Switching CRMs

Granted, no one takes the decision to switch CRM tools lightly. They know it takes months to onboard their teams to a new system. 

When SMBs begin to weigh the decision to switch CRMs, the major hurdles they experience include:

  • Ensuring the new CRM has all of the features they need (40.5 percent).
  • Having a plan in place for migrating customer data (29.5 percent).
  • Securing budget for the investment (14.5 percent).
  • Getting company leadership to buy in (14 percent).

CRM Buyers Study

Here’s how 200+ software decision-makers say you can win their business and become their CRM provider. This study explores how to attract and convert CRM buyers at small to medium size companies.


Casey Meehan