How CRM buyers are shifting their budgets and how to capitalize on these changes.

4 critical features CRM buyers require (and the 12 features they never use).

How the final purchase decision is made (including the 2 different paths to the decision).

How SMBs Invest In CRM Tools

Learn why CRM customers are unhappy with their current set of tools, how frequently they reevaluate their CRM providers and how their budgets are changing.

What Features They Need

Explore a deep-dive into what features these buyers absolutely must have and the features they say they will never use. Gain a better understanding of what tools you should be building and which are unnecessary.

#1 Most Critical Component CRM Companies Need To Provide

Study participants often ranked this as more important than feature set and price. Getting this right is extremely important to attracting the new CRM buyer.

4 Hurdles That Stop Decision-Makers From Switching To A New CRM

Learn what these decision-makers say are the biggest challenges they face when switching from one CRM provider to another so that you can help them navigate these issues and earn more of their business.

2 Styles of Product Demos

This research revealed two very different preferences for the product demo. Most CRM companies miss the mark on this entirely. By understanding and adapting to how different personas prefer to participate in a product demo, you can jump ahead of the competition.

Who Participates In The Buying Decision?

Learn how different team members are involved in the final buying decision. This will help you develop materials to address all of the diverse needs of various stakeholders. This section also explores how many people in each business use their CRM tool.

Top 17 CRMs – Brand Awareness Ranking

Is your CRM company in the top 17? This section provides a snapshot of which CRMs our survey respondents have heard of in order of rank. How do you stack up?