How long does it take B2B SaaS buyers to make a decision?

How long does the search take?

Once the search is underway, it takes an average of over two months to make a decision on a new piece of software. (NOTE: This data point refers to how long the search takes. This is different than Section 1 which looks at how long it takes to start the search once the need arises. By combining these two, we see that it takes about five months from when a need is identified, to when a final purchase is made.)

Actions Items
1) Make sure your sales team asks how long they have been looking for a solution.

2) If a prospect is early in the process and you know competitors will be considered, you may want to focus on premium pricing and services so you can negotiate down later.

3) If they are late in the process, you should focus on the needs that previous vendors could not address and attack those angles ferociously.

Yellow flags: If the prospect just started this process and says they are going to make a decision in a week, take it with a grain of salt. If they say they have been looking for five months or more, there is a good chance that this need is not a priority and they are not truly in the market.

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