Learn the multiple paths for getting on a buyer’s radar.

Understand what these decision-makers need from product demos.

Discover the #1 reason serious prospects decide NOT to buy (even after a long sales process).

Where does the software buyer’s journey start?

The product-awareness phase of the buyer’s journey has many diverse starting points. Our data shows 4 clear paths to getting on a buyer’s radar.

What happens in the mysterious “middle funnel”?

Once decision-makers have a list of potential tools they need to vet, it’s time for the next stage of the sales funnel: The product demo. Our data shows that this is where buyers split into two roughly equal factions.

How many people are involved in the buying process?

Who are the players? How does the leadership team utilize their input? What can you do to cater to these various needs? Where should you put your focus?

How do your buyers view online events?

What percentage of those who sign up are planning on attending? How can you estimate the turnout? What are they looking for when they show up?

What kind of product demo is best?

Are buyers looking for a short and sweet overview? Are they looking for a deep discussion of all the features? Do they split apart into any meaningful categories?

Why Do Customers Balk?

Is it the price? Is it the features? Is it the ease of use? What about implementation? What are their expectations? How can you better understand their indecision?

In this report, you will learn..

The top 4 ways of getting in front of the modern software buyer, the 2 most effective ways to conduct a product demo, and the top 3 reasons customers decide to pass on buying software.