The 1 Thing More Important Than Feature Set (CRM Study: Part 4)

Decision Makers Look For CRMs That Are Easy to Use

Even though a CRM’s features drive much of a team’s decision to switch software, it’s ease of use tops the list of factors people look for when choosing a new CRM. More than 70 percent of respondents cited this as a primary factor in deciding what CRM they switch to.

The next three factors, each of which were cited in at least 60 percent of responses, were:

  • The CRM’s key features
  • The price
  • The vendor’s customer support

Only a fraction of respondents cited things like size of the software provider or vendor reputation in their answers.

That suggests messaging for the SMB market should focus on the tool’s usability, features, price and customer support.

Most SMBs Assume Implementation Will Take Months

The majority of respondents said they expect CRM implementation to take anywhere from three months to over a year. Here is how those numbers break down:

  • 35.5 percent expect an implementation time of three to six months.
  • 15.5 percent expect an implementation time of six months to one year.
  • 6.5 percent expect an implementation time of more than one year.

CRM Buyers Study

Here’s how 200+ software decision-makers say you can win their business and become their CRM provider. This study explores how to attract and convert CRM buyers at small to medium size companies.


Casey Meehan