Many companies worry that they operate in an industry that is too focused and too esoteric to attract blog readers. 

But useful content is useful, even if it’s unlikely to garner mainstream attention. There are several great blogs out there that cover highly technical content in-depth. This content isn’t meant for the masses, but for specific readers who rely on the material. 

There is room for everyone on the web, no matter how niche your industry. Check out these 10 exemplary blogs that provide clear and thoughtful content to readers, however specific the topic.


Beer has become an explosive industry in the past decade, with more craft brewers, homebrewers and industry technology than we have ever seen. Brewbound strives to keep up with the latest trends and provide valuable resources to everyone who wants to turn their passion for beer into a successful business. 

Brewbound covers industry news, ranging from state-specific regulations to high-level trends on customer consumption. Along with breaking news, Brewbound also has a job board, podcast, a list of industry events, a marketplace and a database of breweries. This is an essential source for anyone who wants to own and operate a brewery. 

Connecting Directors

Connecting Directors is a publication for funeral professionals. It ties current events and non-funeral trends into funeral-focused content. For example, the blog recently discussed how most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings and what that means for funeral homes. This is a national trend that will have ripple effects in the funeral industry. 

The creators of this blog host a variety of webinars and live events (most of them remote since the COVID-19 lockdown). They also offer marketing advice for funeral directors and even have a humor tab to add some levity to a typically serious and dense subject. 

The Dental Geek

Sheri Doniger, DDS, is the blogger behind The Dental Geek, an industry blog for dentists and dental professionals. She has created a fun and colorful blog that engages people within her industry while also providing relevant information. She currently works with three other self-described geeks who have several years of dentistry experience and share their insights with readers. 

To get an idea for the types of topics that Dr. Doniger covers, a few recent blog posts discussed alternatives to bone grafting, preventing anxiety in patients and adult orthodontics. She covers a variety of technical issues as well as advice for growing your dental practice. 

Technical Content


GeoSpace is a blog by the American Geophysical Union. The content focuses on topics related to science with an emphasis on earth and space sciences. 

This is a news-centric blog. It strives to showcase the latest breaking stories from various researchers. This blog is also a strong example of taking highly niche and technical content and making it interesting for all audiences. If these niche stories are picked up by major news outlets, it can spur interest and curiosity within the general public to care more about science so we can learn more and protect our planet. 

Kevin Pho, MD, is a physician, a keynote speaker and the name behind the blog. This blog covers healthcare news, policy, finance and other issues related to the care of patients in the United States. 

What sets his blog apart from other healthcare websites is how personal it is. Dr. Pho relies on a vast team of contributors who want to share their stories from the front lines of healthcare. There are many personal articles where people discuss what they see in regard to care and healthcare practice. That’s made a particularly valuable resource during the COVID-19 epidemic.    

Marlin Steel Wire

Marlin Steel Wire produces steel wire products for manufacturers, aerospace engineers and any entity that has a need for their steel. 

This blog answers a lot of questions customers and engineers likely have about their available choices in manufacturing. For example, the blog might discuss the cost/benefits of certain grades of stainless steel, or its writers might review the process of contract manufacturing. 

This blog is useful, but also topical. In March 2020, Marlin was contracted to make test tube racks to support the vast amount of COVID-19 tests required this year. Their steel wire racks are now used by healthcare providers across the country. 


Plannerwire is the blog created by Keith Johnston to help people create better meetings and events. 

The events industry is incredibly vast, from weddings and graduation parties to non-profit fundraisers and corporate holidays. Johnston has carved out a niche by targeting event planners of conferences and other professional events. His content covers topics like the use of shuttle buses, getting the most out of conference insurance and how to use technology effectively within professional events. 

Conference planners put many, many hours of effort into their events, and Johnston wants to help by offering his advice and expertise.

Technical Content

Pro Sound Effects

Sound effects, background music and other audio cues help audiences navigate content. The right sound effects can change how people feel about a certain idea or character while providing clues about the nature of the material. Each of these sounds is specifically chosen, created or added by a sound designer.

Sound designers looking to improve their knowledge and grow within their careers should look no further than the Pro Sound Effects blog. This blog gets into the technical nature of sound editing while also looking at big picture ideas to help designers grow their careers. It does a good job of creating a community through its website and social channels. This is a great example of a brand becoming a resource for its users.  

SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective has been reporting on the front lines of big data, AI and analytics since 2008. Its longevity and experienced editorial staff make it a leader in business intelligence and data management. The content is carefully published and curated to help readers within this niche. 

One of the most interesting things about the data management sphere is how topics can dive into a microscopic view or scale up to a high-level overview of the material. There’s room for hyper-niche tutorials and big-picture discussions about where the industry is going and how certain laws or technological changes will impact it. By covering both ends of the spectrum, SmartData Collective has been able to collect a loyal following for more than a decade.   

Waste Dive

Most people don’t know (or care) where their waste goes after it gets brought out to the curb each week. However, there is a highly technical industry and millions of people who work to take away your waste, process it, and limit its impact on society and the environment. Waste Dive is one of the top blogs for waste management and recycling. 

This blog covers issues related to legislation and waste (like recycling ordinances) and changes in consumer waste creation (like the rise of composting). In March 2020, Waste Dive even covered how medical waste companies are preparing for elevated volumes because of COVID-19 and how sanitation workers are at risk of catching the virus. The content is relevant, in-depth and useful for professionals in the industry.  

Each of these blogs provides value to the industries they serve. The content is high-quality, and readers return because the material is useful. And that utility is what makes a blog great.  

Images by: Cathy Yeulet/©, skeeze, tdjgordon

Amanda Dodge