One of the best things about the internet is that you are never learning alone. You can choose how you want to learn — through podcasts, blogs or video content — and find people who have asked the same questions before and who are ready to provide answers now.  If you are getting started in the SaaS field and want to offer a better product to your customers, turn to YouTube. You can find trusted industry leaders who will share their secrets and create complex tutorials to guide your efforts. Check out these 13 SaaS YouTube channels that offer expert insight.

SaaS Marketing Vlog

Join Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs, on a journey related to software best practices through the SaaS Marketing Vlog. This channel reviews common questions that software entrepreneurs have (like how to grow a Facebook community past 10,000 fans) and then uses real-world examples that guide viewers to understand how to get there. You’ll see how responsive Soulo is when scrolling through the comments on each video.

SaaS Master

Jorge Aguilar at SaaS Master provides product testing, SaaS tutorials and video reviews for people within the software industry. This is an incredibly active account with videos published a few times each week and each video averaging under 10 minutes, though some exceed 20 minutes for in-depth discussions. Check out its archives if there is a particular software tool you want to try, as you can be sure Aguilar has likely heard of it and offered his top tips for using it.

The SaaS CFO

Ben Murray is the vlogger behind the brand The SaaS CFO, which has an active blog alongside its YouTube channel. Murray is known for his minute-long videos, called SaaS in 60, which review common metrics. These give new entrepreneurs a better understanding of what they should be tracking and how they should value themselves. He also publishes some longer videos (up to nine minutes long, but most are around three minutes) if you’re looking for discussions about an idea or topic.

One Hour SaaS

Meet Mubashar Iqbal, but you can call him Mubs. Two months ago, he started a channel called One Hour SaaS, where he works to build up a software platform in just one hour a day. The videos he makes average 10 minutes or less and each video has a clear task to accomplish. For example, Hour 004 discusses the importance of a solid landing page for your users, while Hour 037 discusses your soft launch. Mubs publishes his vlog a few times each week right now and you can follow him on Twitter for additional updates and commentary.

SaaS YouTube Channels to Follow

SaaS Nation

SaaS Nation is the YouTube channel for “the best SaaS conference in Ukraine.” Many of the videos are in English and highlight some of the best software minds in Ukraine and other parts of Europe. Their videos are reminiscent of the TED Talks style, where there is one speaker on a stage discussing a topic. SaaS Nation took a break from posting for the past few months (likely due to the pandemic and uncertainty of conferences during this time) but is back to posting new videos related to growth and software startup stories. It’s worth checking out.


BetterCloud is a product that offers SaaSOps, or the ability for IT departments to better manage the growing SaaS stack within organizations. It has a strong YouTube presence with almost 13 thousand subscribers and the company pushes out a new video each week — and has been for several years. You can watch BetterCloud’s SaaS tutorials, like how to centralize your SaaS data management, or check out hot topics related to SaaSOps and data privacy.


SaaSOptics offers a B2B subscription management platform with a focus on helping finance companies and teams. It boasts more than 400 customers globally that manage more than $2.5B in revenue. The SaaSOptics YouTube channel has more than 55,288 views for its videos and has been part of YouTube since 2009. Several of the most recent segments are two-minute videos for “Ask Claytone,” where cofounder and CCO Clayton Whitfield answers questions related to SaaS from viewers across the country.

SaaS YouTube Channels to Follow

SaaS Mantra

SaaS Mantra is another YouTube channel that combines a Facebook community with valuable video content. The private group has almost seven thousand members and says it welcomes B2B founders and entrepreneurs who are looking to network and grow. Some of the video discussions uploaded to this channel can get up to two hours long, with meaningful discussions from people who are excited to talk about their SaaS industry experience. Follow this channel and join the Facebook group if you have questions or enjoy open SaaS conversations.

Cloud Software Association

The Cloud Software Association is a SaaS partnership network with more than 2,000 companies that work together to create a better market for SaaS development and distribution. The association has an active Twitter account and hosts several events throughout the year. It uses its YouTube channel to make announcements, but also to share insights from the annual SaaS Connect conference and to highlight members and impressive SaaS startups. This is a good organization to follow as you grow your SaaS company.


Dale Richards is the founder and CEO of Swattage, based in Salt Lake City. He has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of project management and software development, which makes him an interesting person to listen to when discussing industry trends and the future of SaaS. Check out the Swattage YouTube channel, which has brief segments on the Internet of Things, venture capital funding and affiliate programs. Richards updates the account frequently and features other Swattage team members and people within his community.


JumpCloud calls itself a Directory-as-a-Service which allows security managers to easily connect with their online applications, files and networks. The JumpCloud YouTube channel is mainly focused on tutorials for its software system; however, there are interviews with SaaS leaders peppered in that are worth watching. There is one discussion with founder-to-founder advice and a series of interviews with different executives.


SoftwareSupp is a software support app that offers developer resources and consulting work for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their SaaS tools. While the SoftwareSupp YouTube channel does focus on videos created for the company, it also has a variety of content that provides insight into the general SaaS ecosystem. For example, you can watch reviews of various software tools and better understand how niche startups can really help the markets they support.

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