Known as the Silicon Forest, Portland is seeing a new generation of software companies coming into their own.

This next generation of software startups is taking advantage of the cloud-based platform and leveraging the Internet of Things to create amazing products that are invaluable to their clients.

However, this doesn’t mean the older generations are going away. Many existing software teams in Portland continue to grow and evolve their offerings. This has turned the area into a hub for new ideas and great talent.

Here are 23 software companies in Portland that are making work easier and more fun for the rest of us.


Civil Comments

Civil puts the power of comment moderation in the hands of your audience, which seems terrifying, but is actually meant to reduce the anger and abuse found on my blogs. When a user writes a comment, they have to review three other comments to see whether they’re appropriate (and others have to review theirs) before it can be published. This allows the community to filter negative experiences and make the Internet a better place.


Jama Software

Jama works to simplify product and systems development, and to make collaboration easier among teams. Users can set milestones, offer feedback, and report on product tests to make sure their best work gets to market. None of this would be possible, of course, without Mr. Brown, the office teddy bear.



Voted one of the coolest companies to work for in Portland, Janrain creates a positive office environment by pairing dedicated people with fun activities like foosball breaks. When they’re not taking breaks on the roof, they’re developing a tool that makes it easier for brands to manage their social media engagement while personalizing customer messaging.


Elemental Technologies

Elemental Technologies builds flexible video software to scale video delivery across multiple devices. This ranges from live streaming video to the conversion of multiple video files. Their culture of humor and accountability is what draws employees and makes them want to stay with the company.



Puppet works with IT departments to create better collaboration between digital teams. This ranges from security compliance and cloud management to improving the deployment process of new code on a website. Founded in 2005, Puppet has more than 400 employees and 27 office dogs.



This marketing automation software company works to improve brand awareness, customer retention and loyalty. Act-On is with you from the top of the funnel through the conversion process. The company prides itself on customer service managers who are knowledgeable and eager to help.


Urban Airship

Urban Airship works to improve the mobile wallets and mobile user experiences for their clients. This includes sending push notifications and in-app offers to get engage customers and to get them to build deeper relationships with the client’s brand.



Cloudability provides cloud cost and usage data to teams across your company, so everyone involved in data management can understand the usage and how it affects the company’s budget. They manage more than $4 billion in cloud spending.

Originally based in New York, helps companies create personalized messaging to their customers through a series of rules and behavioral cues. This allows more effective targeting and results in higher conversion rates.



Lytics creates comprehensive customer profiles across multiple channels to allow brands to better understand their journeys from awareness to purchase. They also help customer service teams better understand problems by identifying customer thoughts and issues.



Notion wants to throw out the idea that data analysis and visualization needs to be managed by data scientists and IT departments. Within a few hours, your team can have access to company analytics in an easy-to-use interface. They also allow collaboration around data where people can share notes and theories about certain patterns and results.




This software company is working to remove silos from marketing, so all departments are on the same page. After all, the customer journey isn’t limited to one channel; why should your marketing teams be focused exclusively on one path? By creating software with creatives in mind, Opal is building something people will enjoy using.



This software works to connect students and alumni for possible collaboration, meetups and offers. From employers looking for top interns to students studying abroad, Switchboard makes networking easy across its communities. The company was originally founded in 2012 to bring people together at Reed College.



Teak is the ultimate game developer’s dream. It serves as a software platform that automates marketing strategies to reduce churn and monetize a developer’s products. It allows companies to know their players, re-engage with them when they start to leave, and market to them in more strategic ways.



By 2019, digital video ad spend is expected to grow to almost $14.7 billion, compared to $9.6 billion in 2016. Vadio works to provide brands with easily embeddable video experiences that they can easily customize and track. This way, all of that ad spend goes toward worthwhile investments in video.



Brandlive sees the power in combining live video with discussions as a tool for immersive product demonstrations, influencer cooperation and even robust tutorials. They have had more than 5,700 live events with almost 337,000 comments. By tapping into the power of video and influencer marketing, Brandlive can help accelerate buyer journeys for many companies.



The team at Extensis has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, and have become experts in font management and digital asset management. Their easy-to-deploy software makes it easy for creatives to store information and have access to their assets so they can focus on what they do best: making art.



Mentor Graphics

Mentor develops electronic design automation hardware and software to help the next generation of designers. Founded in 1981, it is one of the oldest tech companies in Oregon and boasts almost 1,000 employees in the area (with more than 5,000 worldwide).



Panic Inc. is a video game publisher and software company that specializes in Mac and iOS apps. Their first products debuted in 1998 by founders Steven Frank and Cabel Sasser. Popular product apps include Coda — a web development application — and the video game Firewatch.


Pop Art

One of Oregon’s biggest digital marketing companies, Pop Art specializes in user-generated content platforms and software development for digital marketing solutions. They also work in digital asset management for secure file sharing and distribution.



Vernier works with educators to create interactive, teacher-friendly software tools to inspire students. This includes data collection software tools, lab emulators and graphical analysis systems to manipulate data. They’re bringing the scientific method into the 21st century.



WebTrends recently debuted their Infinity Big Data platform to collect and process analytics in an actionable way for businesses and marketers. They strive to provide real-time analytics that teams can use immediately, not results that only surface after something has gone wrong.



Zapproved works with in-house legal departments to provide a cloud-based eDiscovery platform. It allows teams to collect data from anywhere and store it in a safe method while monitoring the legal process throughout. Founded in 2008, Zapproved has quickly become the  No. 1 litigation hold software on the market.


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