Video 1: How software buyers learn about new software

Are you focusing your software marketing efforts in the right places?

Awareness takeaways

  • Review sites and events (including online events) ranked very highly as places where B2B software buyers learn about new software.
  • Online marketplaces and app stores also ranked surprisingly well. More than 30% of the decision-makers we surveyed said they look here to learn about new software. This is the topic of Video No. 2 in this series.
  • 30% also cited blog posts and online content as a way of learning about new software. (Full disclosure: This is one of the areas my agency focuses on.) This outranked online advertising by a wide margin. Almost twice as many people learn about software from content than from ads.

Getting shortlisted

  • 42% of respondents say they ask a small group of colleagues about recommendations.
  • 30% say they search for lists and reviews as their primary step for pulling together a list of software candidates.

There is a lot more in the data than I can cover in these videos, so I would suggest downloading all of the data in the link below.

Software Buyer's Journey

Here’s how 200+ software decision-makers say you can win their business. This study explores how to attract and convert buyers from many different industries. It covers how to get their attention, how they select which software tools will get serious consideration and how the final decision is made.


Casey Meehan