Video 2: Events and marketplaces! (Key finding, must watch)

Our survey found that a substantial number of folks use events (including online/virtual events) to learn about new software.

They want quality content

Here’s a peek at why SMB decision-makers sign up for virtual conferences:

  • 28% want relevant tutorials where they can learn new tactics.
  • 25% want workshops where they can actually accomplish something.
  • 18% want Q&A panels where they can ask experts specific questions.

You can find the rest of this data in the download below.

Big brands cannot be complacent. Underdogs can win big.

Trusting the company hosting the event and the inclusion of well-known speakers fell behind the other more actionable items on our list.

Do people actually show up for these events?

  • 50% say they do their best to attend these events.
  • 38% say they plan to attend but often need to watch the replay.
  • 12% say they really don’t really plan on attending.
  • 5% say they often don’t even watch the replay.

Use these metrics when planning your marketing efforts and forecasting attendance. Being real with yourself about how much promo you need can ensure your event is well-attended.

Software marketplaces

  • More than 90% of respondents say they would consider marketplaces like Salesforce AppExchange when they are looking for new software solutions.
  • 38% say they are very likely to consider these for each software purchase.

SMB decision-makers are not just looking for free apps here, either. 74% say they are very open to paid apps and integrations when they browse software marketplaces.

In the next video, we are going further down the sales funnel to look at how SMB software buyers narrow down their list of candidates. It’s all about the product demo.

I hope the info about the top-of-funnel data was helpful. There are many more takeaways in the actual data. You can grab that below. See you in the next video!

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