When does the search for B2B software really begin?

When does the search really begin?

After the need arises, it takes a long time for the company to act. According to our recent study, it takes an average of two and half months before a company even begins to research new solutions.

This is the golden time of opportunity. If you can reach your prospects during this window the sale will progress faster than at any other time. However, that window typically only opens every three to five years.

Given this infrequency, you need to position yourself as a partner well in advance of the need arising.

Action Item: Go broad with your content. Create resources that help your prospects solve problems other than those related to your product or service. Is there a problem that your prospects encounter immediately before needing your software? Start there and branch out in both directions.

Software Buyer's Journey

Here’s how 200+ software decision-makers say you can win their business. This study explores how to attract and convert buyers from many different industries. It covers how to get their attention, how they select which software tools will get serious consideration and how the final decision is made.


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