What’s going on behind the scenes of a significant SaaS purchase?

What else goes on behind the scenes?

Word of mouth is key, but whose opinions matter most? Co-workers and peers.

Consider building a piece of content that can help guide the internal conversations. This can be a checklist or a written process for handling the needs of each stakeholder.

Often the users and buyers are different. The folks buying the software are almost surely going to speak with the users. How is your marketing addressing these different stakeholders?

Action Item:
Seek to understand the conversations that are going on behind the scenes.
When you are speaking with a new buyer, try picking their brain about the internal conversations that lead to the purchase. Were there formal meetings where each solution was discussed? Was there any watercooler chat or informal communications that led to this purchase? How can you put this information to use?

Software Buyer's Journey

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Casey Meehan