How do SaaS companies find their TRUE competition?

Getting on the short list

The software buyers we surveyed typically consider four to six pieces of software seriously.

How can you ensure you are on that list of serious contenders?

Action Item: If you are one of the top two software solutions in your industry, you are probably on this list and can skip this step. If you are not in the top two, you should do a deep analysis of who the second tier competitors are in your space. Do not waste your efforts trying to compete with the market leaders. Focus on getting ahead of the second tier competition. How can you lean into your strengths against those competitors to ensure you are on the short list when a target prospect is in the market for your software?

Software Buyer's Journey

Here’s how 200+ software decision-makers say you can win their business. This study explores how to attract and convert buyers from many different industries. It covers how to get their attention, how they select which software tools will get serious consideration and how the final decision is made.


Casey Meehan