How CRM Budgets Are Changing (CRM Study: Part 1)

There Is Plenty of Budget to Be Earned in This Market.

Sixty percent of respondents said their companies were planning to invest more money into CRM technology in the coming years.

What’s more, another 35.5 percent of respondents said their investment levels would remain flat over that period.

That’s not to say these companies would refrain from switching to a better CRM, however. Therefore, our data suggests this market is very ready to hear from a variety of CRM vendors.

More Than Half of SMBs Don’t Like Their Current CRMs.

Even for those who are not planning on investing more into their CRM, there is still an opportunity. Fifty-four percent of respondents reported being unhappy with the CRMs their teams were using.

Among that group:

  • 26.5 percent said they were planning to change their CRMs.
  • 16.5 percent said they were willing to change but not sure they would be able to.

That is a significant portion of the SMB market whom CRM vendors could target with their marketing and sales strategies.

CRM Buyers Study

Here’s how 200+ software decision-makers say you can win their business and become their CRM provider. This study explores how to attract and convert CRM buyers at small to medium size companies.


Casey Meehan