Our team does a lot of research into various markets, which introduces us to a wide variety of niches and affiliate programs. This research leads to us compiling tons and tons of data that might not be immediately useful for us … but it could be for you.

So, let’s see whether our research can help you out in some way.

Below are 20 affiliate programs that we have come across recently. Most pay a decent percentage commission or a flat fee per sale, but there are a few programs in this list that simply look interesting because of their markets’ sizes.

Unless otherwise noted, the links will take you directly to the company’s affiliate program page. Note: None of the links below are affiliate links (i.e. we are not being compensated for listing them here).



Nolo publishes DIY legal help materials such as books and online courses for a wide variety of legal issues such as

  • power of attorney,
  • wills,
  • living trusts,
  • leases,
  • and estate planning.

Affiliates earn a 25% commission on all sales below $500, and then the commission slides upward the higher the sales volume.


Response Wise

Response Wise is an email marketing platform, and it offers its affiliates a 70% commission. As a bonus, commissions are awarded for getting leads to sign up for a trial account and again if they convert to paid accounts.



Greatland provides small businesses and tax professionals with the mountain of W-2s and 1099 reporting materials they need every year for tax season. This includes the forms and envelopes as well as e-filing services, business checks and presentation materials.

The company pays 15% commission on all orders, and it says orders typically average $170, with high season between November and January.


Strategic Professional Staffing

This affiliate program extends, potentially, beyond the online realm and into your network of contacts.

Strategic Professional Staffing, and its sister temp staffing company TempsASAP, offers a 25% commission on any leads you introduce who later get placed in a company.

Here is how that works:

“In the staffing business commission is split similarly between the ‘Client Owner’ and the ‘Candidate Owner,’” the company writes.

“As an affiliate you will receive 25% of the client-side commission on all new business that your lead(s) provides. For temp placements, you will also be paid 25% of the client-side commission. Just to give you an idea, our fees generally range from 15-25% of the candidate’s first year starting salary.”


The Economist

This one was kind of surprising. The buttoned-up English news magazine has an affiliate program on Commission Junction that pays out for every digital and print subscription affiliates send its way.

The payouts are flat, ranging from $5 for a 12-week print subscription to $80 for an annual print + digital subscription.



Medjet is an air medical transport service for travelers that falls outside of most travel insurance plans. For people who have health emergencies abroad, Medjet can arrange medical transfer back to their home countries and to the medical facility of their choice.

Medjet’s affiliate program pays out 15% commissions on a service that starts at $255 for individual travelers, and the company notes that commissions can exceed $167 per sale.



Carol Tice called the pet supplies industry “recession-proof” in Forbes a few years ago. PetCareSupplies.com says its average order comes out to about $90, and the company pays 13% commissions. Granted, pet topics are crowded niches, but if you can stand out that’s one group of customers for whom demand should never wane.


East Midlands Trains

The East Midlands Trains affiliate program can be found on Commission Junction.

Here is a curious affiliate program. East Midlands Trains runs commuter trains through the heart of England, along the main route headed north from London. This covers cities such as Sheffield, Leicester and Nottingham, plus the East Midlands airport and the eastern exurbs around Birmingham.

If a customer buys a train ticket via an affiliate link, the affiliate will get a 2.5% commission for trips on the company’s trains and a 1% commission for trips on other trains. That’s a small commission, sure, but the market size is large: Roughly 2 million people ride these trains each month.


Evaer / Affiliate Link

Evaer is a simple enough piece of software: It records Skype calls and video chats, supports video chats with up to 10 participants, and encodes the recording into a useful files such as MP4 or AVI.

Here is the kicker: The commission is 75%, which works out to nearly $15 per sale.



RingCentral specializes in enterprise-level telecoms using a cloud-based platform to connect all of those services: Voice calling, voice mail, business text messaging, etc. Naked Wines and Lyft are two of RingCentral’s customers.

The company pays affiliates flat fees for both sales and leads: $15 per lead, and between $30 and $40 per sale. In addition, payouts increase as customers buy more phone lines, and there are monthly and quarterly promotions.



The Silvercar affiliate program can be found on Commission Junction.

Silvercar offers on-demand car rental in a growing number of American cities, and the car is always a silver Audi A4 with free GPS navigation and WiFi. It all works via the company’s mobile app, much like Uber.

The company pays a flat $20 per sale, and the cookie it drops allows a 45-day window.



IQAir is a Swiss company that creates air purification systems. The company offers a 7% commission on sales, and its best-selling model costs $899 (it’s No. 2 best-seller costs $1199).


California Psychics

California Psychics pays its affiliates a flat $100 for each new customer they bring in. Customers buy consultation minutes from the company, and the introductory price is $1 per minute.

The deal only extends to new customers, however (i.e. no $100 every time a repeat customer buys from them), and the new customers must use the minutes they’ve purchased within seven days for the commission to kick in.


Motif Investing

Motif Investing is an online brokerage that lets users invest in ideas by curating a motif, or a portfolio of up to 30 stocks that reflect the investment idea. This could be pitched as an alternative to an ETF. Each motif has a total commision of $9.95.

Payouts vary. The company advertises “conversion rates as high as 25% + $45 per lead.”


JR Cigar

One of the world’s largest online retailer of cigars, JR Cigar offers 13% commissions for new customers and 11% on returning customers. If you’re responsible for monthly sales above $10,000 for either, those commissions bump up 2 percentage points.


Scrubs & Beyond

Medical fields represent a broad employment category that will see sustained growth in the US at least through 2020, likely much longer. And most of those professionals need scrubs.

Scrubs & Beyond’s program pays 8% on most sales, and the company says its $125 threshold for free shipping drives up average order numbers.


G Adventures

G Adventures is a well-known advertiser in travel blogging communities and has done a nice job building up its brand over the past two decades. The company’s main business is adventure travel packages, often aimed at younger audiences.

It pays its affiliates 5% commissions on all packages booked, with the average order valued at $2,600. Additionally, its cookies last 90 days, and it creates discount offers for publishers.



This site is pretty self-explanatory: If you need a legal form such as a state-specific power of attorney, you can download the form here.

Prices are low, starting at $4.99, but the commission for affiliates is 25% on all sales, and the company tends to be more flexible with its PPC bidding rules.


Security Cameras Direct

This Austin-based security cameras retailer offers 15% commissions on any sales affiliates generate, with average order sizes exceeding $350.

There are some interesting elements to their offer, too: The company stands by its low prices with a 115% guarantee, and it provides customers lifetime support on its products.



The zChocolat affiliate program can be found on Commission Junction.

This French company sales super high-end chocolates handmade by champion confectioner Pascal Caffet, who has shops in Italy, France and Japan.

zChocolat pays its affiliates a 20% commission within the 120-day window its cookie provides. Average sales are $100.


image by:

Casey Meehan