Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. In 2015, the population grew by more than two percent, or 58,000 residents.

Frankly, it’s no surprise why. Denver has the Colorado Rockies right in its backyard, which attracts young people looking to spend time with nature on the weekends. As more young people move to the area, great restaurants, breweries, and entertainment venues start to pop up.

You’re left with a thriving city that connects nature with the comforts of a metro area.

This population expansion has also led to job growth in the area, as the job base saw an increase of 2.7 percent in 2015 alone. People from all over America are coming to Denver, starting companies, and looking to hire top talent.

Among them are several software companies, which are doing amazing things with niche industries, high-tech platforms and consumer-friendly products. Here are the 25 Denver software companies we’re keeping an eye on in the new year.


Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements offers an API integration toolkit to make sure the various software tools and apps that companies use work together and share information. In a world where most companies work with dozens of apps throughout the day, integration is a must; otherwise, sales and leads generation grind to a halt.



As regional managers open up more stores in their areas, it’s hard to keep track and make sure everything is up to standard. With GoSpotCheck, managers can assign missions to their teams to take photos of the business (or competitors) to make sure everything is clean and functional as expected. It’s a way to keep an eye on your team without being everywhere at once.



Convercent offers individualized software monitoring tools to make sure companies stay compliant with the regulations set out in their industries. It allows companies to integrate with third party and historical data so they have a full compliance picture that they can act on — potentially saving them thousands of dollars annually in fines.


Wowza Media Systems

More than 19,000 organizations power their live streaming through Wowza, from ESPN to Facebook and Boeing. The company creates scalable streaming software — including virtual reality and 360-degree footage — that includes chat applications and APIs to create a shareable experience. Founded in 2005, it plans to stay ahead of today’s video-sharing trends in the same way it has been over the past decade.



CommercialTribe uses video lessons to train and onboard sales professionals so they’re able to make better pitches and close more sales for their companies. Once the tutorials are complete, they practice the lessons in front of the camera until they’re confident, and then submit videos for review. Managers can provide feedback on the videos and help their team members constantly improve their pitches.



Trueffect works to collect and leverage customer data to provide better insights for companies. The company knows that without this data, its customers can make poor messaging and product decisions, lack awareness of their customers, and target the wrong markets. This data allows companies to maximize their efforts in a way their target customers actually want.




ShipCompliant also works to ensure compliance, but specializes in requirements for breweries, wineries and distilleries. Their tools calculate accurate tax costs, collect tax and shipping reports to ensure accurate revenue reporting, and store data for easy access. They also create content that’s useful within the industry, making them thought leaders as well as innovators.


Zen Planner

Founded in 2006, Zen Planner has worked with fitness companies across America and the world to manage their billing, payment and member services. Companies can customize their pages to meet the needs of their brands and business models, while automating things such as billing customers. This allows fitness professionals to focus on doing what they love instead of administrative tasks.



Intermap uses big data analytics to help governments and businesses make location-based decisions. The company primarily works with two audiences: analysts who aren’t geographic specialists, and GIS experts who need to manipulate large volumes of data. Intermap’s tools combine the knowledge of both parties to provide answers.



Sometimes, you need your consumer research and analysis within a few days, not a few months. GutCheck performs agile market research with interactive qualitative and quantitative methods. Gutcheck’s tools allow for automation, but also add the personal touch of full-service expertise. This allows companies to test ideas or get feedback immediately from actual customers.



PaySimple works with small businesses to make it easier for them to accept credit card payments. PaySimple also works with B2B companies so they can spend more time working with clients instead of chasing invoices down for payment.



FareHarbor works with tour operators and activity companies to manage reservations, process credit cards, and integrate with popular booking sites such as Tripadvisor and Viator. This keeps tours organized with minimal effort, so companies can focus on creating memorable experiences.



It only makes sense that MapQuest would have its roots in Denver, when the city and state are ripe for exploration. The company has rebranded itself over the past few years into travel experts helping fans discover new places and explore the world around them.



iBeta Quality Assurance

iBeta offers scalable quality assurance to help companies that experience seasonal (and even daily) ebbs and flows in demand. It tests everything from websites, to mobile platforms, to games, to load capacity so you know your website and digital presence will withstand high traffic.


Ping Identity

There are more digital threats to your business and your customer information than ever, and Ping Identity offers a scalable security platform for medium-sized and enterprise businesses. Its tools include multi-factor authentication, single sign-on technology and access security.



IQNavigator provides a vendor management system to help businesses manage their agencies, contractors and even clients. From SOW management to headcount tracking, you can keep track of who you’re working with and what your history is with each particular vendor. This will become even more valuable as gig economies grow.



Webroot protects personal data across desktops and mobile devices by offering digital security solutions for home use and for businesses. It also focuses on IoT cybersecurity and cloud security as more customers transition into this part of the digital universe.


Four Winds Interactive

The Four Winds Interactive software platform has been used to develop visually engaging communications tools with customers. One prime example is Mariott, which uses interactive GoBoards with welcome pages that display scores, weather and news. This creates a positive guest experience through digital visual interaction.



Part of Cognizant, TriZetto provides IT software services to healthcare providers. This ensures that patient information is secure (especially important in the HIPAA-regulated healthcare world) so healthcare providers can stay compliant and maintain the trust of the people and organizations who use their services.




Wayin knows that marketing requires both sides of the brain to succeed. Brands need to develop creative campaigns that engage customers and draw them in, while tracking data and information to determine what works. Wayin provides a platform to embrace both halves, so marketers can make better decisions as they keep creating.


EMS Software

EMS Software provides meeting and room scheduling tools for businesses. It’s used by event spaces for tracking their bookings, classroom scheduling for schools (and companies looking to train), and enterprises with multiple conference rooms. You will never have to worry about overbooking your spaces again.



What started in Denver has now expanded into Boulder, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin. Galvanize offers tools to learn web development, data science, and engineering to give people the tools they need to build their own startups. The company offers part-time courses and tutorials, whether you want to become an expert or just sharpen your skills.


Wazee Digital

Wazee offers content asset management, licensing and monetization. This allows brands to protect their content while sharing it around the world. This is especially important for live shows and events and branded videos, which companies want to keep control of. This makes the use and sharing of video much easier to track and monetize in the digital world.


3T Systems

3T works to improve healthcare workflows through managed services, consulting and cloud hosting. Its systems are meant to optimize their clients’ processes while reducing security risks. 3T’s team takes a people-oriented approach to the technical and complicated world of healthcare.



ReadyTalk offers video and audio conferencing to make webinars and collaboration easier for teams. Customers can easily schedule calls, while attendees can take advantage of the interactive interface, which has polling and chat features to make calls more of a group activity.


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