In-person events are back in 2022, and with virtual summits also being scheduled, there’s no shortage of conferences for SaaS founders and executives to choose from. Whether you’re looking to find a community of like-minded executives or pick up tactics to grow a specific part of your business, there’s a seminar or workshop well worth your time.

To help you decide what to attend, we’ve rounded up 14 of the best SaaS conferences for entrepreneurs.

MicroConf Growth

April 3-5, Minneapolis

MicroConf Growth brings together founders and employees of independent startups whose companies have big growth goals. 

This is a good bet for SaaS founders whose companies are earning monthly recurring revenue in the tens of thousands of dollars. The Growth conference is all about getting such companies to multi-million-dollar valuations.

Speakers this year include ZenFounder’s Sherry Walling and April Dunford, author of the book “Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It.”

SaaS Connect 

April 27-28, San Francisco

SaaS Connect, hosted by the Cloud Software Association, is the only conference created by and for SaaS partnership leaders. If you’re building a SaaS platform, API service or channel, or work with resellers and investors, this is the conference for you. 

You’ll have the opportunity to connect and network with over 400 SaaS leaders, negotiate and close deals with top-tier partners and learn about the tactics and strategies that are powering your peers. 

Running Remote

May 17-18, Montreal

Running Remote is the world’s largest remote working conference. If you run a remote SaaS company or are in the process of switching to a distributed workforce, there are few better ways to overcome the associated challenges than by attending this conference.

The hybrid event will be held over two days, featuring 40-plus speakers and 22 additional sessions. Previous speakers have included Basecamp’s David Heinemeier Hansson and Buffer’s Joel Gascoigne.

workers presenting at a digital whiteboard; concept: top SaaS Conferences 2022

CXO Summit 2022

May 18-19, Austin

The CXO Summit is a two-day event and one of the largest gatherings of SaaS experts in America. Held in Austin, the 2022 version of the CXO Summit will bring together more than 250 SaaS leaders, VCs and sponsors.

Expect a jam-packed agenda, featuring a series of expert-led workshops on topics like marketing, sales and product development, keynote speeches from industry experts, fireside chats and a series of 1:1 networking events. 

B2B Rocks

June 9-10, Montpellier, France

B2B Rocks 2022 looks to create a safer in-person network atmosphere by hosting the event at a charming estate in the south of France. Expect plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities.

The focus here is international growth for SaaS companies, and there will be 50 keynotes and 20 panel discussions to cover every facet of this kind of growth. Speakers include HackerOne ​​Chief Revenue Officer Marjorie Janiewicz and Rakuten DX CTO/CISO Hubert Gregoire. 

growth marketing SUMMIT 2022

June 15, Frankfurt

Calling all European SaaS founders and executives looking to supercharge growth: Add the growth marketing SUMMIT 2022 to your calendar today. It is Europe’s go-to conference for digital growth and optimization and one of the few places to hear the latest growth strategies from some of the biggest SaaS brands in the world.

This year’s talks include Shopify’s Morgan Brown discussing how the fastest-growing companies drive breakout success, konversionsKRAFT’s André Morys on behavioral design, and Himalaya’s Sandra Wu on creating content that sells.  

MTP Engage

June 15-17, Hamburg

Mind the Product is the world’s largest product management conference, hosting annual events in Europe, Singapore and the United States. This year, the conference returns to Hamburg for three days of product-focused keynote speeches, workshops and discussions. The main conference will be held on Friday, June 17, with interactive workshops on Thursday, June 16, and a separate Leadership Forum on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

While the leadership forum is only for senior product leaders, anyone can buy a ticket for the workshops and main conference. Mind the Product is rolling over all tickets for canceled 2020/21 events, too.

TNW Conference

June 16-17, Amsterdam

TNW Conference 2022 is all about exploring the future of technology and what it means for growing businesses. This is a good place for founders to connect with policymakers and executives from big tech companies. Speakers this year include Edward Snowden and Meta Chief Diversity Officer Maxine Williams. 

And because most people will be traveling with extra caution this spring, TNW is offering all attendees an option to roll their 2022 ticket over to 2023 if the need arises.

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MozCon 2022

July 11-13, Seattle

If inbound marketing plays a big role in your SaaS strategy, then don’t miss MozCon 2022. As one of the industry leaders in search marketing, Moz’s annual conference promises to be packed full of insights from the brightest people in SEO. Previous speakers have included Pryde Marketing founder Britney Muller; Zyppy founder Cyrus Shepard; and Sarah Bird, EVP Chief Revenue Officer of the Moz Group. 

To top it all off, the event is bookended with several social events. The Monday night opening mixer at Optimism Brewing in Capitol Hill will give you a chance to meet other attendees, while the Wednesday night closing party at the Garage will be packed with plenty of fun, games and food to say goodbye on a high note. 

Product-Led Summit

September 7-8, San Francisco

Your product is the center of your SaaS business, so attending a product-focused event is a must. Few are better than Product-Led Summit, taking place in September 2022. The two-day event brings together product leaders from around the world to discuss tactics and strategies that drive revenue, improve customer acquisition and increase retention. 

Product-Led Summit’s speaker lineup is bursting with talent. Influencers already signed up to speak include Ramin Vatanprasat, the chief product officer at TrustPilot, Sara Swenson, VP of product at Petdesk, and Kasha Stewart, the head of product at The Walt Disney Company.

SaaStr Annual 2022

September 13-15, Bay Area

SaaStr Annual 2022 promises to be the biggest SaaS community event on the planet. Held over three days in an outdoor, festival-style environment in the Bay Area, this is the eighth version of this event. You’ll join over 10,000 SaaS founders, executives and venture capitalists to hear more than 250 world-class speakers, participate in hundreds of workshops and build connections through thousands of networking sessions. 

There’s no paid content or boring promotional panels to sit through at SaaStr. Every speaker and workshop has been thoroughly vetted to bring value and help you grow your business into seven, eight or nine figures of annual revenue as fast as possible. 

SaaStock 2022

October 17-19, Dublin

After hosting a remote conference in 2021, SaaStock is back at the RDS in Dublin for an in-person event in October 2022. Meet over 5,000 SaaS founders, executives and investors at one of Europe’s biggest SaaS-only events.

Multiple events run across the three days. It starts on Monday, October 17, with SaaS.City, a series of issue-specific workshops hosted by SaaS experts, and Investock, a meeting of B2B SaaS investors from around the world. 

The main conference runs Tuesday through Wednesday and will feature keynote speeches and workshops from some of the biggest names in SaaS. There’s also an invite-only retreat for SaaS founders of businesses doing over $5 million in annual recurring revenue at the end of the week. 

Web Summit 2022

November 1-4, Lisbon

Hailed as Europe’s biggest tech conference, Web Summit brings over 40,000 tech entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to meet annually in Lisbon, Portugal. Attend, and you’ll hear insights, actions and strategies in a series of speeches from over 700 world-class leaders. Previous speakers have included Inrupt’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee; Jen Wong, the COO of Reddit; and Doug Leone, a managing partner at Sequoia Capital. 

The event isn’t just for SaaS leaders, but given the sheer number of expert speakers and the breadth and depth of startups that attend, you’re sure to get value from the event, whether that comes in the form of networking, lead generation or a world-class education. 

Recurring Revenue Conference

Fall 2022, Date TBD, Marina del Rey, California

The Recurring Revenue Conference presented by Sutton Capital Partners is the only conference in Southern California to focus on the subscription economy. Labeled a top 10 international SaaS conference by knowledge base platform Document 360, it’s a must-attend for most SaaS leaders. 

Do so, and you’ll join 700 other business leaders hearing from industry experts and learning the latest strategies to make your subscription business as successful as possible. Everything you need to know to run a successful subscription SaaS business, from reducing customer acquisition costs to increasing customer lifetime value, will be discussed. 

Images by: Matheus Bertelli, airfocus, Benjamín Gremler