Understand the two types of software buyers — and why you must speak differently to each one’s needs.

Find your TRUE competitors.

Understand what your sales and marketing teams must do once you’ve made it on a buyer’s short list.

What triggers a buying decision?

Every software purchase has a triggering event. We will show you how to trace the buyer’s steps back to that point of inspiration so you can tailor your messaging accordingly.

How long does the buying process take?

Months. But your company might not enter the conversation until several months in. We will see how different sales and marketing strategies align with certain points of the buying cycle.

When do buyers actually begin their search?

There is a golden window of opportunity right after the trigger moment. We will look at how to take advantage of that opportunity.

How do you get on a buyer’s short list?

Software buyers only look at a handful of solutions. Our data will reveal what you can do to get your software on that short list.

What do you do once you’re on the short list?

There are specific, concrete next steps to take at this stage. We will explore those, plus how you can position yourself against the competition.

What do buyers want in a demo?

Potential buyers go into product demos with specific goals, questions and doubts. We will look at each of those so your teams can arrive prepared.

Who is really making the purchase decision?

Most companies have acquisition protocols that involve many stakeholders, some with more influence than others. We will explore tactics for reaching all of those decision makers.