Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage is the second-largest operator of self-storage facilities in the United States. They own or operate more than 1,400 stores in 38 states, plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.


Bank of America

We understand the goals of community influencers because we are community influencers. Epic Presence founder Casey Meehan worked directly on this piece about multi-channel marketing.



CurrencyFair has two audiences they want to reach: recreational expats managing finances back home, and professionals navigating the challenges of running international companies.



SalesforceIQ built a smart CRM that relies upon artificial intelligence to capture cleaner customer data, and to help salespeople make smarter decisions. SalesforceIQ users are highly competitive. They’re looking for any edge that will help them identify more leads, close more deals and ultimately grow their small businesses.



In a whitepaper for MetLife, we highlighted five crucial advisors that entrepreneurs need on their teams in order to succeed: a finance whiz, a business mentor, a benefits expert, a legal eagle, and a tech advisor. Even business owners with a background in tech or finance can find value in having these experts on their team.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

"We have worked with several content marketing agencies in the past and found Epic Presence"s writing to be very high quality.

It took very little time for their team to jump in and begin creating helpful, long-form articles that resonated with our customer base.

Also (and perhaps most importantly), they were able to connect our content to relevant influencers in our market.

This is especially tricky because we serve customers all over the world. Some of those connections have turned into profitable strategic partnerships.

We"d recommend Epic Presence to any company serious about growing their business with high-quality content."

Ben Geoghegan
Ben GeogheganInbound Marketing Director, CurrencyFair

"I"m amazed at how the EP takes on complex industry-specific topics, while keeping the writing interesting. They"re able to work handle very specific topics or work on their own as needed. The team is super sharp, flexible and delightful to work with. I highly recommend EP."

Ryan Evans
Ryan EvansFounder,

"Working with Casey and his team has been a great experience for us and our clients. Whenever I have a question related to content development or tactical SEO approach, we get the solid advice, and execution we need."

Rob McCarty
Rob McCartyPartner, The Image Shoppe

Of the content marketing agencies I’ve worked with in the past, Epic Presence stands out for three reasons:

  • Very high quality of work
  • Outstanding research abilities
  • The end product is valuable and engaging content for readers and customers

These guys have been a staple in our content marketing efforts.

Garret Stembridge
Garret StembridgeSenior SEO Marketing Manager, Extra Space Storage

Casey and his team provided relevant, on-topic content that helped raise the Control Solutions website profile substantially over the course of a few years.

From supporting our web development team on technical nuances, review and executions, to writing business-savvy content focused on our industry, they really helped influence our website and social media

With their ability to always deliver on-topic content in a timely manner and reach the right influencers, there isn’t much you can’t accomplish for your website with their support.

Mike Hendricks
Mike HendricksDirector of Business Development, Control Solutions, Inc. (Grand Rapids, MI)

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